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Got a question about growing weed? Let me know below and I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability. Noticed I’ve been getting some questions on other posts, so I figured this could be a great place to have a question/answer thread going. Ask away!


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I have a plant with leaves that kinda look like feathers. Thats the best I can explain it. It really needs to be seen. Looks very tropical. Any I.D. on strain or reason ?

Can you upload a few pics to Imgur and share the link with us? I don’t think I’ve seen that before

what is the real truth about growing in the desert (tucson) outdoors in the summer?
can you please suggest some varieties that can handle the heat…sometimes 112 degrees?
thank you for your help!

Try asking or researching at a Seedbank. They share the specs for every strain including how they handle heat and how much they can handle

Hello I was reading your article regarding urine. I have kidney failure and unfortunately live with extremely high protein in my urine. Is this protein available something g similar to the lines of bone meal preiteins etc as rich amino acids or will it kill everything I wee on.

Sorry about that! I really have no idea, I haven’t found more info about urine other than what I have already covered in the article. Sources insist on not using urine unless you’re healthy

A friend has been growing bubba kush from mid May of last year and she still hasn’t harvested it yet! From what I’ve read, 9 weeks is the max flowering time. How will this effect her crop?

This is one of the most helpful sites I’ve found online. Your photos are awesome and seem to accurately describe what is actually happening to the plants for diagnosis. This is awesome. Just saying.

Hi, I live in Florida and want to move out of state. I’m as MMJ patient and I want to move where I can grow my own legally. The stuff they pass off as medical grade here is horrible! Some Monsanta /Bayer/landscaping plant concoctions. They ruined flower down here. What state would you suggest? I just want to grow my own. Thanks for any suggestions, Judy

Can I send a pic of my leaf so you can see my issue?
It seemed to start in veg after I gave 1 dose of organic nutritiants.

Impossible to know without pics or maybe looking at her up close. There might be a problem with the roots or the substrate. Start by chcekcing that the pH is within optimal levels

I didn’t know there were “kinds” of bone meal. Try to search about diluting the bone meal in water so it’ll absorb it faster than just spreading it on the soil (most likely)

Depends on her stage. During Vegetation likely Nitrogen deficiency. During flowering likely Potassium. Check out the Symptoms page for images and depictions.

Urine As Fertilizer For Cannabis did you do it … me over 8 years of doing this …avoid bad odors ??? i never had bad odors ………..or bugs

You upload it somewhere else and add the link to your comment. Any social network would work. Other than that you can Google “image upload”, they’re easy to use.

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