Banana Tea: Homemade Flowering Fertilizer

Banana tea is a powerful tool for cannabis growers who want to give their plants the nutrients they need to thrive. With its high potassium content, banana tea can help promote strong, healthy buds and improve the overall quality of your harvest. Unlike chemical fertilizers, which can be harmful to the environment, banana tea is a sustainable option that won't compromise the health of your plants or the planet.

Banana peel tea

Potassium and phosphorus are key nutrients for flowering in cannabis, and they can be found in abundance in bananas and their peels. Phosphorus plays a crucial role in energy transfer and root growth , while potassium is essential for the development of strong, healthy buds. Banana tea can be particularly beneficial for cannabis plants that are experiencing potassium deficiency during the flowering stage. If your cannabis plants show signs of potassium deficiency, check out my guide on Potassium Deficiency.

True banana tea is actually a cold tea, despite the fact that it is commonly used to boil. If you leave it to soak as an organic ‘waste’ in water for enough days, it will begin to pass its nutrients into the water thanks to the formation of bacteria. Otherwise, if you boil it, you will not get as many nutrients and many will be lost due to high temperatures.

How To Make Banana Peel Homemade Fertilizer The Right Way:

  1. Let the water sit for at least 24 hours to clean it,
  2. Cut the banana peels into pieces,
  3. Put the pieces in a jar filling about 5 centimeters,
  4. Finish filling up to 3/4 of the total content with water,
  5. Cover it with a rag,
  6. Let it rest in the fridge for 3-5 days,
  7. Stir it a couple of times a day,

Note: Gasses in the jar are normal. However, if you see any type of mold accumulation, you must start again. The tea should smell sweet and of banana. If it has an acid or rancid odor, do not use it, try again, leaving it for fewer days.

Banana tea ready to use

After a few days, all that’s left is to strain it — so as not to leave food scraps on the soil.

To water, first you must dilute the tea in standing water, 1 liter of water for every half glass of tea — or 1 part of tea for every 10 parts of water. Then water your plants normally. This banana tea will provide your plant with significant amounts of potassium and phosphorous, as well as other beneficial microorganisms for the substrate.

The banana tea provides your plant with essential nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus, which are crucial for flowering, as well as beneficial microorganisms that enhance soil health. Check out my guide on Essential Nutrients for Cannabis for more information on essential nutrients for cannabis growth.

Don’t apply it too often. Depending on the size of your plant, applying it to the irrigation water once every week will be enough. It is important to never overdo your fertilizers; it’s better to apply a little many times than a lot once and overdo it.

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