Best Grow Cabinet For Stealth Growing

I’ve got many grow problems, but pesky neighbors and unwanted attention ain’t one. Growing in private is easier than ever with the latest grow cabinets and stealth grow boxes.

Tho choosing the best grow cabinet can be a daunting task, so I’ve listed the best options available right now.


Grandma's Secret Garden 5.0

  • Wooden model is sturdy and rugged grow cabinet—almost looks like an circuit box.
  • Plain and inconspicuous,. No logos or extra lights do anything to give away the purpose of the grow box.
  • Comes with excellent Mars LED lights 

My #1 Rated

4.5 out of 5


Growzilla Vertical Grow Box

  • Comes with everything you need to get you started.
  • Bigger grow box with multiple LEDs
  • 5 foot 8 inches tall cabinet, can handle up to four plants.

My #2 Rated

4.5 out of 5


Super Closet SuperFlower Grow Box

  • This box is 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide.
  • Disguised as a normal piece of furniture.
  • It’s lockable and fireproof constructed. 

My #3 Rated

4 out of 5


Grobo Premium Grow Box

  • Looks like it’s from the future.
  • Programmable grow ‘recipes.’ Allowing you to track through an app-based controller. 
  • It’s lockable and fireproof constructed.
  • Heavy-duty steel lock.

My #4 Rated

4 out of 5


SuperCloset Deluxe 3.0

  • Monster closet-sized stealth grow box with room for up to 16 plants.
  • “Perfect Spectrum” LED lights.
  • Activated carbon filter fan.

My #5 Rated

4 out of 5

Why Should I Get A Grow Cabinet For Growing Cannabis?

If you’re like me and have gone through several grow setups you already know how easily grow cabinets bring attention to themselves.

  • Avoid light leakage, that can make it look like it’s christmas in your basement or garage at 2 AM.
  • Mute grow tent fan noise, that create constant and annoying sounds.
  • Keep flowering odors to a minimum, as these can easily flood your house or get into neighbors backyards.
  • Let’s not forget the these grow boxes are very stealthy if you don’t have special room to hide it in.

This is where grow cabinets come into play.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Grow Cabinets?

Modern-day features make this boxes much more sophisticated than when I tried to line the closet with tin foil in my parents’ house. And whether you’re a seasoned grower or a new timer, everyone can enjoy the technology of a stealth grow box.

Grow Safely

Stealth grow box brands aim to keep you safe—the equipment need to be tough as they run lots of electricity.

You want a good machine available to keep electrical shorts and shocks from happening.

But what about a different kind of safety? What about door locks?

Door locks are great on stealth grow boxes for a couple of reasons:

Stopping Children From Finding Or Messing With Your Grow

There’s no doubt small children are curious by default, and you can bet they will eventually want to see what’s inside the box. This means they could get hurt by the heat of the bulbs or mess with your plants and cause serious damage.

Keeping Pets Away From Maryjane

You also wouldn’t want pets to get inside. Cats and dogs are known for eating cannabis leaves, and if they happen to knock over one or more of your plants there could result in growth complications.

Growing Privately

This grow boxes come with features in case there are any issues with those who you don’t know want to know you’re growing. Your neighbors won’t notice anything at all, and if your mother in-law comes by she will never suspect what’s inside.

Best Boxes Hide Lights And The Smell of Marijuana

If this is your first grow, you can’t imagine how much bud stink when it’s flowering. If you don’t do something about it, the smell will permeate.

The best stealth grow box will have carbon filters for the fan and often have insulating.

Besides odor control, the more airtight a box is, the better you can control humidity and light leak.

Heat and Noise Insulation

Some grow lights can create a lot of heat, and fans are making constant noise. Which can be a huge give away.

This is why grow cabinets are specially created and insulated to output as low heat and noise as possible.

While also keeping your plants in a comfortable climate. You don’t want to burn your babies!

Some grow cabinets even have air-conditioning  system as well as control the emission of CO2.

A Grow Box Offers Limited But Optimized Space

Most grow boxes are pretty small, as they come pre-assembled with the most optimized use of space.

Grow cabinets are perfect if you have limited space as you’ll still be able to get an impressive yield out of it. There are also very small grow tents for a more affordable price.

best grow cabinet grow box 2020

What To Look For In The Best Grow Box?

While the best grow box is a personal call, you need to think about what features most important for you. Here’s what you should consider:


Look, I get it. Deciding to grow your own bud can be a big financial investment. Buying a ready-made cabinet seems like a huge step up over a cheap grow box made with tinfoil in your closet.

You may balk at the price tag of some of them but think about the extras. Many cabinets include everything you need to get started—or at least a large percentage of it. Pots, fertilizer, and even soil can come with your planter.

Size Of The Grow Box

Think about your growing space. Do you have a whole room to dedicate to your new crop or a countertop?

Luckily, there’s a myriad of options available. If you’ve got a ton of space, many models on this list are between 5 and 6 feet tall. Cannabis grows up, up and up if you let it—so a tall cabinet can give your more yield per plant.

Lights: LED, HID and Fluorescent

The lighting system allows for control of light cycles inside your cabinet to replace the natural light of the sun.

There’s various light options.

  • Fluorescent, CFL and T5 lights, are cheap and keep bills down.
  • LED will also keep your bills low but are more expensive to buy. Also will get you a better yield.
  • HID and metal halide lights will give great crops but are not budget friendly in the long term.

I recommend LED but that’s a personal preference. Make sure your grow box comes with the ones you prefer.

Utility Bills

Generally, the more expensive the growing equipment the higher quality it is. Higher quality is usually more efficient, which means lower electricity bills.

Top 5 Grow Cabinets and Boxes

I love to research anything and everything about cannabis. I’ve had so much fun comparing the best grow box for sale. Take a look at my top picks, and see which cabinet works the best for you.

 Value for money     
 Dr. Cannabis Rating     

This wooden model is sturdy and rugged—it almost looks like an electrical or circuit box. Plain and inconspicuous, it’s the perfect stealth grow box. No logos or extra lights do anything to give away its true purpose. 

With the latches on the side, you can rest assured that it doesn’t open for just anyone. Your precious plants are secure. 

Grandma—not mine!—comes with excellent Mars LED lights that will keep your cannabis plants in the right ratio of lux to grow and flower. 

The Secret Garden stands 3 feet tall and a little less than 2 feet wide. It’s a four-plant system, though if you grew two, you could prune them for a bushier yield. 

  • Plain black box is innocuous.
  • Latches for safety.
  • Plain box shipping.
  • Grow box has only 80 percent odor control. You could double-down for safety.
 Value for money     
 Dr. Cannabis Rating     

This grow cabinet comes with everything you need to get started! The Growzilla brand is always innovating, and this the latest model. 

As this grow box is bigger, it has multiple LEDs to keep marijuana happy and healthy. The reflective white interior will help to reflect the light and maximize its reach. 

Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime warranty and tech support for when you need it. Since you have to assemble parts of the box yourself, that can be quite useful. 

This box is 5 foot 8 inches, and when it’s all set up, it can handle four plants. 

  • New, improved design from a trusted growing brand.
  • Multiple Mars LEDs.
  • Bright white interior.
  • DIY setup may complicate novice growers.
 Value for money     
 Dr. Cannabis Rating     

This could be the grow box for people who are looking to grow a sativa—the taller of the cannabis strains—since this box is 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. 

As its name suggests, this grow box is more like a grow closet. Disguised as a normal piece of furniture, the SuperFlower is one heavy-duty machine. 

It’s lockable and fireproof construction reminds me of a bank vault that can fit 16 plants. 

This features both a top drip and deep water hydration systems, and its base is lower to the ground, allowing you to grow taller plants.

It uses KIND K3 L450 LED lights on an adjustable hanging system to give the plants the closest tan. 

Also, all the components, except for seeds, come with the cabinet, which the manufacturer claims is ready to use in under 90 minutes of setup. 

  • Large size allows you to grow more.
  • Comes with all seedling starters, nutrients and grow rocks.
  • Activated carbon filter for scent
  • Scent is generally contained with a closed the cabinet but tends to linger after opening.
 Value for money     
 Dr. Cannabis Rating     

This beautiful machine looks like it’s from the future, and it grows like it, too. A programmable box, such as this one, is of benefit to any grower.

I’d suggest that the Grobo premium grow box is the right one for someone who who has a brown thumb. 

Its most notable feature is the programmable grow ‘recipes.’ 

Humidity, airflow, light and heat are controlled, allowing you to track through an app-based controller. 

Dual duty fans allow you to grow, harvest, and dry all in one grow cabinet.

Also, kids and pets are kept away with a heavy-duty steel lock. 

  • Scent-reducing carbon filter.
  • Steel lock.
  • App control.
  • Double dual fan.
  • Sleek and futuristic aesthetic design.
  • Higher prices can deter some people from investing.
  • Light will be seen by visitors.
 Value for money     
 Dr. Cannabis Rating     

The Deluxe is the last on my list, but definitely the last in style. 

This is another monster closet-sized grow cabinet, with room for 16 plants. Now I would do a lot less than that so I could let them get bushy, but that’s me. 

It features 12 band “Perfect Spectrum” LED lights, which are amazing for heat reduction. 

It also includes some plant supplements that will make have enough nutrients to grow big and flower. 

  • Large design for more yield.
  • LEDs are adjustable height.
  • Activated carbon filter fan.
  • Least cheap model on the list.

Final Thoughts On Grow Boxes

If you’re setting up your private stash, it’s important to get the best grow cabinet for sale. So look no further than the Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0.

Ol’ Memaw can fit four plants in the grow box, and since it’s not too tall and rather plain, it can disguise anywhere you want to put it. 

Santiago Pardo
Santiago Pardo
I live to help out cannabis growers have a greater experience with their crop, and not loose their mind over the many aspects of growing marijuana.
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