Best Small Grow Tent: Top 5 Picks

If you don’t have a ton of feet to work with and you need to narrow down your growing area. But, you still want to protect your crop and ensure a good yield. We’ve reviewed the best small grow tent so you can find the right option for your needs.

  • TopoLite grow tent is perfect as a single plant grow tent.
  • Tall enough to handle more mature plants.
  • Quick put-together and tool-free installation.

My #1 Rated

4.5 out of 5
  • This Vivosun tent comes with 11.3 cubic feet of growing space in a compact package.
  • Three feet  of height means you can fit the tent almost anywhere.
  • High-quality SBS zippers avoid catching.

My #2 Rated


4 out of 5

  • CoolGrows offers one of the smallest foot prints grow tents with plenty of cubic feet. .
  • Steel frame and corners..
  • D-shaped door gives easy front access.

My #3 Rated


4 out of 5

  • This grow tent from CoolGrows gives you 12 cubic feet of growing space.
  • Plenty of ventilation ports.
  • Double stitching to help avoid light seepage.

My #4 Rated


3.5 out of 5

  • MarsHydro tent has small footprint and taller height.
  • Double-stitched canvas to help block light.
  • Double layer linings help avoid light leakage at the zipper.

My #5 Rated


3 out of 5

How to Choose the Best Small Grow Tent

While size matters most when you’re scaling down your grow tent, there are other aspects to consider, too. From the layout and shape to the material type, here’s how to choose the best small grow tent for your needs.

Select the Right Tent Footprint

Depending on your property, you might have plenty of room for a small grow tent. Or, you might be trying to fit a small tent in a narrow spot. Fortunately, you have options, even with tents equaling around 16 square feet.

Some grow tents have a square base, while others are rectangular. Decide what footprint will work best for your layout.

Material Types and Colors

Grow tents come in different material types. Common options include canvas, oxford cloth, and PEVA. Most are dark in color to keep heat better, but you can also find color variations if you prefer.

Windows often use mesh material, so you can open them for ventilation as necessary. Consider whether you want a specific material type, whether for affordability or durability.

Tents With Access Windows and Wide Doors

Access is important for tending to your plants. From half-moon shaped doors to windows that roll up, most grow tents have multiple access points.

Think about how often you need to check on your grow and which way is easiest to get in. If you’re growing indoors, consider whether your tent will be up against a wall or multiple walls. This will determine what door or window arrangement will work best.

Advantages of a Small Grow Tent

A small grow tent can be beneficial to your growing process since they retain heat better than larger tents. Less air circulates in a smaller tent, so your plants get the warmth they need to thrive.

You can also put a small grow tent in places that larger tents could never go. Plus, if you can’t grow outside, you can still get optimal growing conditions with a small indoor tent.

Of course, you still need to manage the temperature and climate of your tent carefully. For common growing challenges—and guidelines—check out the YouTube video below.

What’s the Best Way to Use a Small Grow Tent?

Most growers opt to use a small tent indoors. They’re portable, don’t take up much space, and allow you to create the perfect environment for growing. And there’s no denying that a 2×2 grow tent fits well in small spaces.

You can also use multiple smaller tents to separate your grows. It might make sense to stagger your planting, for example, and house the younger plants separately from mature ones.

I like to separate the mature plants since the younger ones favor higher humidity. That way, the mature plants get the drier environment they need to thrive.

Of course, you can also adjust the temperatures separately for each growing phase.

top picks best small grow tent

Features to Look for in a Small Grow Tent

It can be tough to find the right small grow tent to suit your needs. But there are a few features that are usually winners in my book—here’s what to look for when shopping for a small tent.

All-In-One Tent Kits

If you’re just starting out, an all-in-one kit might be ideal. The best small grow tent might come with a kit alongside the tent, grow lights, a growing tray, and even tools. When you’re starting out or not sure what you might need, a kit can help round out your supplies—and they can be affordable, too.

Mylar Reflective Interiors

Most small grow tent setups use a reflective material in the interior. While you could use a tent without mylar or another shiny, waterproof barrier, the best small grow tent will be expected to have it.

Mylar is waterproof and reflects light back on your plants so you don’t lose energy. The watertight shell also helps protect your home—which is helpful if you’re living in a rental or have roommates.

Easy-Access Doors

Access is crucial for checking on your grow. But ducking over or reaching in a small window isn’t the easiest way to get in.

To tend to your plants, you need a door that swings wide open. Most grow tents use D-shaped doors with strong zippers to hold them shut. Opening and closing the door should be easy—and the zipper shouldn’t stick.

Ventilation Windows

Depending on where—and how—you set up your grow tent, the ventilation flaps might be crucial.

To grow cannabis the most effectively, you need an almost swampy growing tent environment. At the same time, you need to monitor the environment and humidity level. That’s where the ventilation windows come in.

If you have too much humidity, your plants could get bud rot or even slow down their growing. Window flaps that you can open and adjust give you an easy way to provide airflow—and avoid ruining your crop.

Grow Discretion

Although small, this tents are not really discreet. As there might be minimum light leakage, and let’s face it, they look like something going on in there.

If you happen to be looking for something stealthy, I have also reviewed the best grow cabinets for sale right now that will fit seamlessly with your other furniture and even hide the flowering odors.

Best Small Grow Tent Reviews

Here are the top grow tents we’ve found. You’re sure to find the best small grow tent for your needs among these choices.

 Easy to assemble     
 Value for money     
 Dr. Cannabis Rating     

If you’re aiming for a single plant grow tent, the TopoLite might be your best choice—it has a super-small footprint of 7.1 cubic feet. It’s tall enough (four feet) to handle more mature plants, and you have room to work vertically, too. But overall, the small footprint means it can fit in closets and other small spaces.


  • Tool-free installation.
  • Super-small footprint so it doesn’t take up much floor space.
  • Putting it together is quick.
  • Rectangle mesh vent for ventilation.
  • Reflective diamond mylar (96 percent) that’s also waterproof.
  • Heavy-duty oxford cloth covering that’s very thick.
  • Heavy-duty zippers make it easy to open.
  • Coated metal rod frame.
  • The door opens wide for easy access.
  • Has straps for filters.
  • String ties help position the mesh vents.
  • Comes with a removable floor tray.
  • Ceiling cross bars are sturdy for hanging fans, etc.
  • The company offers concealed shipping for privacy.


  • Rods are metal frame, but corners are plastic.
  • Vent configuration may not work for all setups.
  • Poles aren’t heavy-duty, though they are metal.
  • Might be too small width wise for some needs.
 Easy to assemble     
 Value for money     
 Dr. Cannabis Rating     

VIVOSUN’s grow tent offers 11.3 cubic feet of growing space in a compact package. The overall height of three feet means you can fit the tent in almost any space, whether in a closet or small room.

I have reviewed other Vivosun grow tents before and I can tell you it’s a well known and respected manufacturer, and you will definitely love this tent.


  • Thick canvas is tear-proof.
  • Metal poles offer stability.
  • Poles lock together without tools for easy assembly.
  • High-quality SBS zippers avoid catching.
  • The ceiling bar can hold over 88 pounds of weight.
  • Comes with a floor tray.
  • Has an organizer pocket to stow your tools.
  • The ventilation openings are dual layer for use with ventilation fans.
  • Responsive customer service if you have any issues.


  • The lower height means you must lean over to view your plants.
  • Instructions can be complicated because of the lack of labeling.
  • Quality control issues can mean lack of drawstrings on the ventilation ducts.
  • Tough to see your thermometer/hygrometer through the viewing window due to distortion.
  • Side windows don’t have mesh to keep bugs/etc. out.
 Easy to assemble     
 Value for money     
 Dr. Cannabis Rating     

One of the smallest foot prints grow tents with plenty of cubic feet of growing area is the CoolGrows tent. You can place it in a small area and use vertical planting to fit all the greenery you want.


  • Tear-proof material with light-blocking thickness.
  • Viewing window with white light filter.
  • Includes a removable mylar spill tray.
  • Manufacturer offers discreet shipping.
  • Steel frame and corners—no plastic that can warp.
  • Dual-zipper D-shaped door gives easy front access.
  • Cinching duct ports keep an airtight seal.
  • Customer service is quick to respond to problems.
  • Assembly is quick and doesn’t have too many challenges.
  • Thick material that’s light enough to stay put with the tie-backs.


  • The zippers have a reputation for catching after some use.
  • Ceiling supports need reinforcement for hanging lights and fans.
  • There’s an unsealed gap at the bottom that could cause bug issues for some growers.
  • Some light diffuses from pinholes, so it’s not entirely incognito.
  • Bulkier footprint than other “small” growing tents.
 Easy to assemble     
 Value for money     
 Dr. Cannabis Rating     

CoolGrows’ tent offers 12 cubic feet of interior growing space in a small package. It’s not the smallest grow room available, but its compact size won’t become an eyesore inside your house. And with plenty of ventilation ports and a viewing window, you can achieve the perfect growing environment.


  • 95-percent reflective mylar inside.
  • PVC-free materials.
  • Double stitching to help avoid light seepage.
  • The company offers discreet packaging and delivery.
  • Has a removable floor tray for water protection.
  • All components are steel for better stability.
  • Multiple ventilation socks and mesh openings let you customize your airflow.
  • Dual-cinching duct ports let you block light and air from escaping.
  • No Velcro closures on windows—so light is blocked better.
  • Customer service is responsive to issues.
  • Numerous holes for ventilation and viewing.


  • Corners aren’t reinforced, which can lead to collapses.
  • No center hanging bar reinforcement for lights/fans.
  • Accessing the door can be a challenge due to the layout and single zipper.
  • The zippers aren’t completely light proof.
  • No interior storage area.
  • Zipper separation is a common complaint after a bit of use.
  • You need to lean over to access/look through the viewing window.
 Easy to assemble     
 Value for money     
 Dr. Cannabis Rating     

The Mars Hydro grow tent has a bit different look than comparable models. Its small footprint and taller height offer a premium growing experience for your plants.


  • Double-stitched canvas to help block light.
  • Tool-free installation makes it easy to assemble.
  • Double layer linings help avoid light leakage at the zippers.
  • A removable tray comes with the package.
  • The metal frame holds up to 140 pounds.
  • An interior tool pouch can hold your necessary items.
  • Multiple vents at the floor and ceiling offer outlets for fans, cords, and more.
  • Double SBS zippers give you easier access through the doorway.
  • Customer service is responsive to consumer concerns.
  • Each vent has double sleeving to accommodate fans.
  • The styling is unique and has a trendy look.
  • The footprint is narrow, while the unit is taller and gives headroom for plants.


  • The vent holes are a bit high for exhaust purposes.
  • Some pinhole-size gaps where light leaks out.
  • The material doesn’t feel very thick or sturdy.
  • The door can be tough to get through.
  • Manufacturer instructions aren’t the best.
  • Some areas of trim are unfinished.

Final Thoughts on the Best Small Grow Tents

When it comes to fitting your grow into small spaces, you need the right tent with the most features. Just because your grow is small doesn’t mean you don’t need an accessible entrance or multiple ventilation panels.

So, the ideal small grow tent has tons of features and a sturdy build to handle all your growing accessories.

To that end, the TopoLite is an excellent all-around choice. It has a tall enough height to handle your maturing plants, but its footprint is narrow enough to fit nearly anywhere.

If you want to grow plants in a small indoor spot, TopoLite’s sturdy build can handle your fans, lamps, and more. But it’s also an cheap option, and it won’t break your budget whether you need one or many.

A heavy-duty zipper—and high-quality coverings—let you enter and exit as often as necessary to check on your grow. Or, you can peek through the window to see how your plants are doing without exposing them to temperature and humidity changes. 

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