Blood Meal, a Nitrogen bomb

Blood meal

Not to be confused with “bone meal” that is used for flowering due to the contribution of phosphorous.

Blood meal is widely used for the cultivation of foodstuffs, provides a high nitrogen content and has excellent properties. You can buy it at any gardening or agriculture store.

I recommend it only for those who are used to fertilizing since it can generate overfertilization very easily.

  1. In a bottle filled to 10% of its capacity with flour.
  2. Fill the rest with water that you will have left to rest for at least 24 hours.
  3. Mix well and let stand.
  4. Mix again from time to time and open the lid to let out the gases that are generated.
  5. Wait a few days until there are no solids in the bottle.
  6. You mix the contents of the bottle again with standing water, at the rate of 1 part of solution for every 10 parts of water.

With this new double-diluted solution you can now fertilize your plants.

Be careful not to apply it more than 2 times a week. Speaking of fertilizing, it is said that “less is more”. It is always better to have to apply a little several times, and thus make sure not to overfertilize and affect the roots.

Santiago @ Dr. Cannabis
Santiago @ Dr. Cannabis
I'm here to help out marijuana growers have a greater experience with their plants, and not loose their mind over the many problems and situations that often arise during the different stages of cannabis growth.
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