Get $4 Every Time You Recommend Us

Hey there! I’m looking for a few people who can help us out recommending to other indoor growers. And we can pay you up to $4 for each recommendation.

Unless you’re against making free money, here’s how it works:

What counts as a recommendation?

In this case, it refers only to: sharing one of our articles on an internet forum about growing cannabis.

How many times a day can I share these articles?

You can share as many as you want, but we will only pay up to $12 a day. Anything beyond $12 a day won’t be covered.

This means you could get an extra $360/month income if you do it right.

Are all articles shares worth $4?

Most of them are worth $4 per share. There are a few ones worth $2 per share, and the remaining are worth $1 per share.

I will send you the details once you get in touch with me (for now please keep reading).

Are there any conditions to these shares?


The articles shared must be helpful to the conversation the forum members are having.

If they’re talking about nitrogen deficiency, you cannot share our article about buying a 4×4 grow tent (worth $4).
Instead you can share our article about solving a nitrogen deficiency (worth $1).

But, if someone is asking for advice about what size grow tent they should get. And, if the 4×4 grow tent article can offer him an insight or an answer. You can share it.

Also: Do not create new topics. You can only share in topics that other forum members have started.

Are all forums accepted?


I have a list of near 25 forums where I’d like our articles shared. I’ll send it to you once you get in touch.

How often will we send the payments?

Every two weeks at first. Monthly later on.

Are there any minimums to reach before getting payed?

You have to reach at least $12 for us to send a payment.

Who can participate?

Anyone who spends a lot of time in cannabis forums.

You will need a PayPal account. Or a known service through which you can send an invoice to be payed with an international card.

You also need to be considered an adult where you live, where you were born, and everywhere laws may apply. And the activities described in this offer and the offer itself has to be legal where you live.

We also keep the right to deny any participant for whatever reason without explanation. And to terminate the agreement anytime, unilaterally and without explanation, and without payment, if we consider you’re not doing a good job, or whatever other reason.

Who’s responsible for the forum accounts?

You’re solely responsible for what you do with your accounts and your online activity.

We won’t be held responsible for anything that happens to you because of the activities related this offer. (i.e. your account gets banned from the forum because of spam)

So always make sure you follow forum rules and whatever laws apply.

Get In Touch Now

WhatsApp +5491126158736 (click here)

If you’re someone who spends time in forums, I’m sure we can do this for many months to come!

As long as it’s win-win-win we can keep it going (win for you, win for us, and win for the people reading the forums).

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Santiago Pardo
Santiago Pardo
I live to help out cannabis growers have a greater experience with their crop, and not lose their mind over the many aspects of growing marijuana.

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