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Gorilla Grow Tent Review And Comparison

DrCannabis Rating

✓  Up To 10' With Extension Kits

✓  1680D Fabric Thickness

✓  Steele Poles That Interlock


Gorilla Grow Tent Review And Comparison

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DrCannabis Rating

Up To 10' With Extension Kits

1680D Fabric Thickness

Steele Poles That Interlock


Value For Money
Easy To Assemble

In this in-depth Gorilla Grow Tent review, we'll analyse the pros and cons of one of the best manufacturers, and see where it stands in the market compared to other gardening brands.

Introduction To Gorilla Grow Tent

First thing to know is Gorilla offers three lines of grow tents:

  • Original Gorilla Grow Tent – The standard Gorilla grow tent line with the highest quality features and benefits.
  • Lite Line – The Lite line is a more affordable one. You get the same Gorilla quality, while giving up fabric thickness and sturdiness.
  • Shorty Series – Tents from the Shorty series exactly the same as the original GGT, but start at 4' 11" of height.

Except for this differences, all these tents are basically the same in quality and features.

Gorilla Grow Tent Original Line

The original Gorilla Grow Tent is the most versatile when it comes to shapes, sizes, ports, and doors. It also has the most features and perks. If you are looking to invest in a high-quality grow tent, the original Gorilla Grow Tent line is for you.

The Lite Line

If you want to save money while still getting Gorilla quality, you want to opt for the Lite Line. They're about 30% cheaper, however, it hass less fabric thickness and is a few inches shorter. Tents from this line are also height-expandable, though they do not come with the kit (which is sold separately).

The Shorty Series

Shorty Series are the exact same as the original GGT, except they're short. They max out at 4' 11" tall, for people who don't have a lot of room for a grow tent. Expert growers also use these shorter tents for seedlings and young plants. And sometimes even as a place to dry their buds (as controlling the environment is also really important while drying).

Best Features And Benefits

Is the Gorilla grow tent as good as its manufacturers claim? 

Here are some of the key features and benefits from Gorilla that you need to know about.

Height Extension Kits

The original Gorilla Grow Tent starts at 6' 11", so there is plenty of growing space in your indoor garben. And plenty of space for you to maneuver around. 

With these height extensions their tents are the tallest on the market.

But one of the best things about Gorilla tents is that they come with extension kits. You can expand these grow tents further and enjoy up to 10' of height.

gorilla grow tent height extension kit
Height Extension Kit From Gorilla

You will never again have to worry about your plants outgrowing your tent. Plus, the extra height of the tent makes it easy to get inside without you having to strain your back from crouching.

The Lite Line starts at 6' 7" in height. A bit shorter than the original, plus you have to buy the extension kit separately. So if you're not looking for the extra height, you can save a lot of money buying a GGT Lite grow tent.

The Shorty series starts at 4' 11". This series is for people that are looking to grow in smaller spaces. While getting the same quality as the original, and it also includes Gorilla’s height extension kits in case your plants grow taller than expected.

Height Compared To Other Grow Tents

Most grow tents on the market max out at 6' of height. There are some that go up to 7', but GGT remains unmatched, since you can expand it up to 10' tall. I'm pretty tall so the extra height is quite enjoyable.

Fabric Thickness Of Gorilla Grow Tent

Cheap tents are prone to ripping and leaking light, which isn't great for growing cannabis.

Gorilla grow tents feature 1680D fabric (the D standing for density). The denser your tent's fabric is, the more durable it will be. And there will be less light penetration, and reduced noise.

The thickness of the fabric also protects your plants from temperature fluctuations.

Lite Line Fabric Density

The Lite Line comes with less fabric density at 210D. That's why it's much cheaper. That’s quite a bit lower than the 1680D that the rest of the Gorilla tents boast.

Yet, Gorilla claims that their PEVA binding techniques create a sturdier fabric. This means that you still get an airtight growing environment in the Lite Line, despite the lower density. This might still outclass other manufacturers, as they don't use Gorilla's innovative technique.

Fabric Density Compared To Other Tents

GGT fabric density is 3-9 times denser than the fabric used on many other grow tents on the market. Most of other tents max at 600D, with a low end of 200D. This makes them more prone to tears, light leaks, or not creating an airtight growing environment.

Ease Of Assembly And Use

When a tent is up and running and fulfilling its purpose, all is well. The tricky part is setting it up in the first place.

Thankfully, Gorilla Grow Tents are not hard to assemble. It might take you a little bit of work, but there are features that make grow tent setup easier than most.

  • It comes with Velcro door strips so you can assemble the doors without having to holler to your neighbors for help.
  • The roof section fits perfectly on top of the frame.
  • The zippers are large and easy to use when winding around the corners of the tent.

Gorilla grow tents are also very easy to use. Viewing windows make it east for checking your plants without disturbing the environment.

You have 360 wraparound accessibility, so you can access hard-to-reach areas in the tent.

Easy Of Assembly And Use Compared To Other Grow Tents

Cheaper tents try to save on costs by making the fit so tight that you can almost rip the tent apart while setting it up. The best perks of GGT makes the setup way easier.

The higher quality the tent, the more perks it comes with. Unlike GGT, lower-end grow tents comes with less tool pouches, velcro straps, window, or ducts.

Build Quality In Every Line

The frame consists of strong metal poles with fasteners that interlock with each other, so the structure of a Gorilla Grow Tent is very stable.

They are 2-5 times stronger than any other grow tent poles on the market, so you are getting value for money here.

The best part are the double-stitched sections of the tent can withstand a lot of wear and tear. You have little need to worry when moving the tent around or when stepping in and out of it.

The zippers that come with the Gorilla grow tent are made to withstand heavy usage too. There is little chance of them becoming loose or causing threading issues on your tent.

Build Quality Compared To Other Grow Tents

The main difference in this section is that other grow tents lack quality in the details. If you have used grow tents before you know easy it is for zippers wear out, or for corners to rip. 

The frame is another thing to keep in mind. In cheaper tents they're made out of plastic, or weak metals, that can't withstand prolonged usage or even the weight of some grow lights.

Other details, such as viewing windows, adjustable ventilation ducts, or even how doors are designed, make the Gorilla Grow Tent shine over the competition.

Best Safety

Gorilla Grow Tents include a flood pool that rises 4" from the floor, and wraps at the corners with velcro strips. Which is also completely water proof. The way they handled the seam makes it so you would have to flood that with with 4" of water before it can spill to the outside.

Another interesting feature that you won't easily find in other tents is the IR blocking roof. Yes, their tents actually come with a roof that blocks Infra-Red emisions. This IR blocking not only helps cool down the exterior, but also dissipates heat signatures 👀 which might come in handy, depending where you live.

Gorilla Grow Tent can hold up to 300 lbs from the ceiling steel poles. You'll never have to worry about your equipment falling on your plants. This beast can hold all your lights, reflectors, carbon filters, and more.

Are Gorilla Grow Tents Smell Proof?

Not 100%. So if you're looking for a stealth grow box this is not your thing. However, their fabric thickness and their tight design helps reduce smells significantly. Accompany it with a good ventilation setup and a carbon filter, you're mostly good to go.

Safety Compared To Other Grow Tents

The flood pool is pretty standard in quality tents. But the IR roof is something you're not finding easily.

On top of that, most grow tents hold between from 60 to 170 lbs from the ceiling. That might be OK for a small setup, so it depends on what you're up to.

Temperature Control

The extra height of Gorilla Grow Tent, plus the Infra-Red blocking roof, helps bring temperature down by around 10°F, compared to other tents, by letting hot air rise and dissipate. If you're always fighting heat inside your grow room, this can be a game changer.

Plus, the 1680D thickness and airtight design keeps your tent insulated and protected against temperature fluctuations from the outside.

Intelligent Design

Every port of Gorilla Grow Tent is properly placed allowing for closed loop air-cooled lighting, and cross-flow internal air circulation.

Ducting ports are 10" can cinch completely to allow for any sized grow tent fan and ventilation ducting.

The resistant pre-filters, internal tool pouch, the interlocking frame, and easy 360 degree access all make the GGT one of the best grow tent experiences.

Cleanliness Inside The Tents

At the bottom of the Gorilla Grow Tent there are three mesh windows. They also have pre-filters with the same micro mesh, and double-lined ducting. All these helps prevent bugs, pests, fungi and even plant diseases.

Cleanliness Compared to Other Tents

Most grow tents do not have mesh pre-filters. And even less of them have such small micro mesh. Meaning pests can get through them.

Plus, the sewing on other tents ducting vents is often less precise, making them less airtight that GGT, and letting mold and plant diseases get inside.

How Does It Compare To Other Grow Tents?

While I recommend the Gorilla Grow Tent to cannabis growers, there are other grow tents on the market that you want to consider.

vivosun-grow-tent-48x48x80Gorilla Vs. Vivosun Grow Tent

Vivosun makes very good grow tents, I invite you to read my full review of Vivosun grow tent.

They're good value for your money, the durability you would expect, and a variety of sizes for any living space. It does have some flaws, you might get pinholes on the tent's stitching that can allow for light leakage.

Standard Gorilla grow tents are more expensive, but they are stronger than Vivosun's tents, and you have the benefit of the added height too.

hydroplanet-grow-tentGorilla Vs. Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent

You can get great yields from this tent, especially if you're on a budget. 

The fabric is less dense than Gorilla's standard tent, coming in at 400D, and it doesn't benefit from a height extension kit. 

Yet, customer reviews are positive. Especially when it comes to tent assembly, so if you're looking for something that won't break the bank, you might want to consider the option.

viparspectra-grow-tentGorilla Vs. Viparspectra Grow Tent

Viparspectra are famous for their LED grow lights, but they have a nice line in grow tents too. 

Cheaper than Gorilla's standard tent range but without skimping on quality. This is really good option if you are looking for something cheaper. Specifications are similar, but many people prefer Gorilla tents for extra height and durability.

 Easy To Assemble     
 Value for money     
 DrCannabis.io Rating     

I have to say that Gorilla Grow Tent is one of the best. Sure, the standard version is a little more expensive than others on the market, but it's still a great deal. 

The extra height gives your plants room to grow and you room to maneuver. The durability gives your plants added protection from fluctuating temperatures. And the best fabric thickness protects your plants from the inside and the outside.

If you want something smaller and cheaper, go for the Shorty series or Lite line alternatives, but if you'll benefit from the extra height, I'd pay a little more for the original Gorilla grow tent.

  • One of the best quality tents on the market.
  • Adjustable features so you can increase the height with ease.
  • The high thread density provides a safer, quieter, odor-free, and undetectable growing environment.
  • An adaptable vertical size that can fit into a range of room sizes.
  • Extension kit isn't included with all Gorilla product lines.
  • More expensive than some other grow tents on the market.
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