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Potassium Deficiency In Cannabis

Old leaves begin to take on a strong yellow hue between the veins or the tips and edges start to get “burned,” chances are you’re facing a potassium deficiency.


Growing Marijuana Legally: State By State Guide

Plenty of states are legalizing growing cannabis for recreational and medical use. But, growing marijuana legally is complicated in the US. From federal laws, to state laws and local rules. So I broke it down for you.


Worm Castings: Best For Cannabis Growth

Worm castings are an organic soil amendment made up of earthworm droppings, which recycle organic material from the soil.  They provide substances that promote cannabis

iron deficiency in cannabis

Iron Deficiency In Cannabis

The yellowing of the leaf most noticeable in new shoots. If the deficiency is not solved, the leaves will begin to discolor completely and will go through the plant as the iron deficiency becomes more severe.


Best Grow Cabinet For Stealth Growing

I’ve got many grow problems, but pesky neighbors and unwanted attention ain’t one. Find your own discreet grow cabinet, providing you with a stealth solution to growing cannabis indoors.


Blood Meal: Nitrogen Fertilizer

Blood Meal For Cannabis Using blood meal in cannabis plants provides them with high amounts nitrogen, very much needed during the vegetative stage. You can


Nitrogen Deficiency In Cannabis

Nitrogen deficiency in cannabis begins with the loss of color in the tip of the leaf. This loss of color will begin to move inward, leaving the leaf completely pale. The leaf will then start to brown and wrinkle, until it finally falls off.