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We teach growers how to care for their cannabis plants to get amazing buds.

Having the right grow lights is fundamental for growing cannabis. After years of learning and researching lights I can finally tell you what are the best grow lights for growing cannabis indoors.

The grow tent is the core of your cannabis indoor setup. We’ve put together a collection of grow tent guides to help you make growing marijuana enjoyable and productive with the best grow tents, boxes and cabinets.

Use our cannabis leaf symptoms pictures to quickly diagnose your marijuana plants. Find the pictures that resemble your plants and click on them to learn the solution to your cannabis problem or nutrient deficiency!

Who Is Behind This Site?

Hey there, my name is Santiago and I’m the person behind this website. I started growing over 5 years ago when marijuana was legalized in Uruguay. On DrCannabis I will address all your doubts and show you how to enjoy growing amazing buds.

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