Vivosun Grow Tent Review

DrCannabis Rating

Stable And Durable Metal Frame

HQ Zippers For Heavy Use

Dual-Layer Adjustable Vent. Opening

Value For Money
Easy To Assemble

The Vivosun grow tent is for growers who are looking for a sturdy tent. Made with thick materials, that you can put together by yourself and will last you for a long time.

I have used cheap tents in the past with terrible results. I had to constantly fight poor construction, and bad insulation was always trouble. In hindsight, I wish I had gone for a Vivosun tent.

It’s one of my favorite deals right now. An affordable price, with all the conditions for a smooth cannabis growth season. Checkout my Vivosun grow tent review.

  • Incredible Price-Quality Relation Compared With Similar Grow Tent.
  • HQ Zippers that will Withstand Heavy Use.
  • Interior covered by 95% reflective Mylar lining.
  • Dual-layered Adjustable Ventilation Fan Openings that Fits Many Sizes (4” to 6”).
  • Extra Thick and Durable Canvas made of 600D Tear-Proof materials.
  • Durable Metal Frame, Strong and Stable once setup.
  • Light Leakage, velcro openings and pin holes let some light in and out the tent.
  • Shipping Box comes with Vivosun Logo which may Not Be Discreet Enough for everyone.
  • Few users Reported Getting Defective Parts. But Also reported Great Consumer Service and Replacements Quickly Sent.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Grow Tent

Marijuana plants can grow literally anywhere, it’s an incredible plant. But we are not just growing, we want our plants to produce, and get the best yield possible for our hard work.

A grow tent provides with the most important factor when growing indoors: lets you control the growing environment.

With a grow tent you won’t need to worry about storms or extreme temperatures. Forget about animals and bigger insects coming near your crop. Everything will be secured in your grow tent.

Outdoors you’d be waiting for nature to decide when to start flowering stage. Indoor you will be able to decide how much light your plants get and set your own time periods.

If you’re a beginner to mid experienced grower, have enough room in your home, and you like your share of DIY, you’ll do great with a grow tent.

Be ready to allot time for this. Indoor plants require more maintenance than outdoor plants. Setting up the tent itself, fans and ventilation, grow lights and timers, managing temperature and taking care for the crop.

Key Features And Benefits Of Vivosun Grow Tents

High Quality Zippers

The zippers that come with the Vivosun grow tent are all metal, made to withstand heavy usage. They’re made in a comfortable size for an easy grip.

One of the most important things in grow tents. Since you’re going to be opening and closing your tent constantly, you want your zippers to have a long life.

Vivosun’s zippers come from SBS zippers, one of the biggest manufacturers in the world. 

Strong And Durable

The frame construction of the grow tent is super sturdy, specially once you have set up the thick canvas around it. You don’t want a grow tent that’s flaccid and bouncing about when you’re doing your work inside and around it.

Vivosun’s frame bars are impressively strong. You can hang different kind of grow lights, fans and carbon filters from it

Weight limit varies between models (88lb to 110lb). Tho various grow tent users have reported distributing up to 120 lb from the middle bars.

Also worth mentioning is the high quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the Vivosun grow tent. Details such as a good stitching throughout will ensure you’ll have this tent for a long time.

Ventilation And Air Flow

Each opening for ventilation can adapt from 4” to 6” (some models up to 8”). So if you already have ventilation equipment, or if you need to replace it in the future, no need to worry about exact sizes.

Vivosun grow tent also comes with dual pull strings and socks for intake fans, to make sure you have a good seal inside and out. This helps you maximize the performance of your airflow. Which is a must for having an insulated and controlled environment.

There are a couple of rectangular screened vents at the bottom of the grow tent for cool air to go in. They come with velcro so you can close them if you need to.

Easy Setup Against Vivosun’s Box Instructions

The Vivosun grow tent instructions that come in the package are not very clear. There are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to have a smooth setup of these grow tents.

You won’t need any tools to set the tent up.  If you’re a bit of a DIYer you can definitely do it alone. But there’s no shame in having an extra set of hands as it will be even easier to assembly.

What you need to do is to start building the tent from top to bottom, here’s a video that shows you how:

Customer Service And Warranty

Plenty of customers of Vivosun have reported getting excellent treatment by customer support. Quickly replacing defective parts from a grow tent no matter how small. You don’t need to worry about quality related issues or damages during shipment. You can check exact warranty by Vivosun on their site.

Verified Purchaser Review Summaries

Users overall are having a great experience with their tent. Check what others are saying in the Vivosun grow tent reviews page:

What I Didn’t Like

There seems to be problems with light leakage from pin holes on the grow tent’s stitching or zippers. But out of more than three hundred customer reviews, only a few of them mentioned this issue.

Some of them complained to customer service and actually edited the review score after having a good experience, and replacements sent quickly. Others, simply taped the pinholes with thick tape.

Vivosun Are Experts In Grow Tents

Vivosun grow tents come from a well known and respected manufacturer. They have been making tents for a long time and claim they’ve mastered the craft. Vivosun is the go-to when you need high performing grow tent for an affordable price.

The sturdy construction, the quality of the materials, and the versatility of its features will benefit your yield. Not to mention that is very nice looking on the outside and inside.

Vivosun grow tents sizes variety makes it definitely a great choice if you’re looking to tackle your indoor crops comfortably.

You will have minor and specific details that could bother an experienced grower. So if you’re looking to control every little thing you should look into other (more expensive) alternatives.

Vivosun Grow Tent Sizes

Another great news is that Vivosun grow tents come in different sizes. Most people would be looking for a 4×4 tent. Where you can accommodate from 1 huge plant up to 16 small ones, depending on your growing style and density.

How Does It Compare To Other Grow Tents?

Gorilla-Grow-Tent-4x4--Complete-Heavy-Duty-1680D-Reflective-Hydroponic-Grow-TentGorilla Grow Tents

For a few more dollars you can get a Gorilla Grow Tent. This tent is top notch, best of it’s kind. Sturdy, great quality and durable materials. Heavy duty zippers and highly reflective Mylar interior. 

You can also check my Gorilla Grow Tent 2020 review. But in summary, it’s an intelligent design built with growers’ needs in mind. Definitely a step up from the Vivosun grow tent for a few more bucks.

hydroplanet-grow-tentHydroplanet Grow Tent

Hydroplanet builds fine tents but they pale in comparison to Vivosun tents.

You can definitely get great yields with this tent, special if you’re a beginner. But for the same price you’re getting less value for your money.

viparspectra-grow-tentViparspectra Grow Tent

One step up in quality for sure. Viparspectra tent although priced higher are still affordable.

Specifications are more or less the same. The main difference is Viparspectra grow tent gives more attention to detail and quality assurance. You’ll have less chance of getting a defective part and there will be less light leakage.

 Easy To Assemble     
 Value for money     
 DrCannabis Rating     

For me, the Vivosun grow tent seems to be an extremely well thought out product. Which takes into consideration many needed aspects of marijuana growing.

This solid and stable design, the variety of Vivosun grow tent sizes, accompanied by the quality materials. Makes a great choice for beginners and mid-experienced growers, and many reviews reiterate this fact.

It’s a sound quality product with a growing number of happy customers.

You will not get a better deal at this price range. Hope you found my Vivosun grow tent review valuable, and best luck with your crop.

I live to help out cannabis growers have a greater experience with their crop, and not lose their mind over the many aspects of growing marijuana.

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