Best Grow Tents Reviews

The grow tent is the core of your cannabis indoor setup. The quality of your grow tent will make or break your yield. That’s why choosing the right grow tent for the right situation is absolutely essential. 

Best Grow Tents By Type

Here’s a collection of grow tent guides we’ve put together to help you make growing marijuana enjoyable and productive with the best grow tents, boxes and cabinets.

Grow Tent Brands Reviews

If the reputation of the brand is your priority, in the guides below we reviewed the best grow tent brands to help you with your crop.


Vivosun Grow Tent In-Depth Review

The Vivosun grow tent is for growers who are looking for a sturdy tent, made with thick materials, that will last you for a long time. It’s one of my favorite deals right now, an affordable price for a smooth cannabis growth season.

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Grow Tent Accessories

We’ll be reviewing grow tents accessories such as grow tent heaters, oscillating fans, exhaust fans, humidifiers and more.